Helping families create the birthing experience they desire 

TLCBirth Holistic Midwifery is now Heartsong Midwifery!  The same in-home, family-centered care, the same midwife, the same phone number, just a new name.  I am blessed to have served the many families that have come into my care as a TLCBirth midwife.  The name, TLCBirth, has perfectly reflected my philosophy, as I believe mommas, babies and families deserve Tender Loving Care during their pregnancies and births. Through the years, I have come to realize that this amazing work we are privileged to do is all about Love.  Heartsong Midwifery reflects the deep connection I feel with the mommas and babies I serve.  Long since a lover of all things heart-shaped, Heartsong fits me at this place I have come to be.  I look forward to continuing to serve mommas and families who choose to birth their babies at home.

is now


                                                         Providing in-home midwifery care to families in Northern Virginia and surrounding communities                      

Same midwife, same care, same number


Heartsong Midwifery


​Holistic Midwifery